Stock Pile Measurement

Stockpile Measurements, Physical Verification of Bulk Materials

Looking for Stockpile measurements, Physical verification of bulk materials. Welcome to AbhayTembhurne’s website; we’re experts in volumetric analyses of bulk materials, coal stock measurement, and more. Click on this link to know more.

Coal stock measurement | Physical verification &Volumetric Analyses of coal & more…

We offer services across India. We undertake bulk material stock verification of the volume and weight for a wide range of industries.
We are given to deliver an accurate physical verification report of bulk materials with complete analyses of the volumetric & bulk density and deliver jobs within the committed timeframe. Our team is skilled, qualified, cooperative, and delivers the job professionally and on time.

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Volume Calculation: We use the Total Station method & 3D laser technology to measure irregular stockpiles formed by dumping as well as controlled stockpiles formed by conveyors. After measuring stockpiles, we enter the data in the data logger and download it to our device (laptop) to compute the real volume. We also use the number to generate a contour map of stockpiles with help of software.

Benefits of Total Station method & 3D laser technology:

Density calculation is done using box methods; we follow Indian standards. Different components have different Indian standards accordingly we compute density. Likewise, we also calculate tonnage calculation.

Tank Calibration Services: Here also we use Total Station Method or Strapping Method to calibrate the tanks. Our services include calibration of vertical/ horizontal with elliptical and flat end tanks of edible oil, chemical cargo, etc.

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